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Walkover Sprayer Lance Attachment (W2061)

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Responding to request from many loyal customers, we have introduced this highly functional pump - action spray lance.

  • Made from high quality brass with solid wood hand grips, the lance can be attached to your existing Greenkeeper, Rambler or Turfmaster sprayer.
  • This means that new customers as well as those who already own a sprayer can obtain this product as an attachment.
  • The 2.5 metre spiral hose fastens to your existing tank drain valve as a simple screw-in.  A non-return valve maintains spraying pressure.

The spray lance allows plenty of reach into awkward or high areas such as around bushes and trees, even watering hanging baskets. And it's designed to stay discretely out of your way when pushing the Walkover sprayer.

Full instructions can be downloaded from the website & are enclosed with every lance.

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