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Gardener Walkover Sprayer (AZT06)

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The Gardener Walkover Sprayer 

The Gardener Walkover Sprayer is a highly manoeuvrable two wheel pedestrian sprayer. It is a single nozzle sprayer with a 40cm spray width and a tank capacity of 10 litres.

The Gardener Walkover Sprayer is suitable for smaller gardens. ALSO EXCELLENT FOR SPRAYING PATIOS, WOODEN DECKS, SHINGLE OR GRAVEL DRIVEWAYS. All types of stonework. Use Walkover Professional Moss Clear for all hard surfaces.

Product specification

  • Two pneumatic wheels with integral stand.
  • 40cm spray width.
  • Pump delivers 1.8 litres per minute at 1 Bar pressure.
  • Strong steel frame construction.
  • 10 Litre tank capacity.
  • Choice of spray nozzles available.
  • Suitable for smaller areas & moving around fixed objects.
  • Also suitable for driveways, applying weedkiller or Icemelt.

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