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Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer (AZT01)

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The Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer

The Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer is a four wheel, three nozzle sprayer with a 25 litre tank capacity. It has a spray width of 36" and delivers 1.8 litres of liquid per minute at a normal walking pace.

The Greenkeeper is suitable for professional applications such as golf greens, tennis courts and other areas requiring professional turf care. Larger equipment may cause damage to turf.

Product Specification

  • 36" (91cm) spray width
  • 25 litre tank capacity with 6" ventilated cap and large basket filter
  • Pump delivers 1.8 litres per minute at 1 Bar pressure
  • Four large pneumatic wheels to avoid turf marking or damage.
  • Optional Swathe marker system indicates actual area sprayed
  • 10cm ( 4 inches ) nozzle height from the ground to minimise spray drift
  • Sophisticated inline filtration system to prolong pump life
  • Durable powder coated steel frame construction - built to last
  • Re-circulation facility agitates tank mixture before spraying
  • Full spare back up service from our factory.

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