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Yardmaster Walkover Sprayer (AZT04)

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The Yardmaster Walkover Sprayer

The Yardmaster Walkover Sprayer is a single nozzle sprayer, suitable for small gardens, pathways and driveways. The new specification introduces pneumatic wheels, in place of the old solid wheels, to allow the sprayer to move more easily over shingle and gravel surfaces. The nozzle is now also height adjustable so that hard surface cleaners and winter liquids, such as MMC-Pro and Walkover Ice Melt, can be sprayed from a greater height for improved coverage on drives, patios and tennis courts.

Product specification

  • 20 litre tank capacity
  • Adjustable nozzle height for grass & for hard surface treatments.
  • Four solid wheels for stability.
  • Machine Weight: 14.5Kg unfilled; 23Kg filled
  • Now with 10" Pneumatic Wheels
  • Robust steel construction
  • Brass wide angle spray nozzle.
  • Takes approximately 10 minutes to deliver 20 Litres.

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