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The Gardener sprayer for £210 delivered has to be the best thing I've bought this year.

Ian, Barnet.

"I first found out about your Walkover whilst on holiday in Switzerland, it was in an advert in a magazine in the hotel in Lugano which we were staying in. This was in 1985. Then in 1986/7 I bought one from the the Walkover stand at the Chelsea Flower Show and it came with a complimentary supply of garden chemicals. I have used the Gardener Walkover every year since. I hope that the enclosed photo is of some interest to you."

J. Lawrence, Cardiff

"...Throughout I have been impressed with the machine and, a rare thing in today's markets, your excellent customer service. If you ever need a reference for the products, or a commendation for the superb customer service, I should be very pleased to write one and to send it to you for use as you see fit."

Ray Campsie, Surrey

"I've received my Greenkeeper. It is fabulous. It's a well thought out, well engineered machine with no corners cut."

Rob Rawlings, Essex

"PS...That sprayer works great, it is a lovely machine!"

Bobby Egan, Eire

"You make the Walkover Fertilisers fresh every January? No wonder they're so good."

R. Christmas, Surrey

"Regarding your Walkover Autumn Winter Feed, it was really awesome."

Peter Pratt, Tunbridge Wells

"You've reinvented the mousetrap with your new Turfmaster sprayer. It's fantastic".

Mr. P. Hembury, Chesham

Please tell Paul that the Mark 2 Turfmaster just gets better and better! Perfect spray pattern; no air locking and easy to clean (the Fairy liquid tip is very good).

Paul Hembury

"They're a good tool, no doubt about it. With a Walkover, you can feed when you want".

Tony, Bowls Greenkeeper for 31 years, Staffs

"I am a Walkover convert. Have been for nearly 20 years".

Paul Robson, professional Groundsman

"I received the cheque this morning. I would just like to thank you for dealing with the problem on my order. I could not believe how quickly you dealt with it. Your customer service is second to none and will recommend you to others. I will definitely be ordering parts again from you again, thanks again

Colin Le Grys

"I like buying quality".

Mr. G. Clack, Cambridge

"Am I your oldest customer? I bought my Gardener Sprayer in June 1987 and still have the original receipt. It still works perfectly".

J. Somers Cox, Newton Abbott

"So glad to have found you!"

Ron, Greenkeeper, Bellingham Bowls Club