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About Walkover

As our name suggests, at Walkover Sprayers Ltd we manufacture and supply a range of motion-driven garden sprayers called Walkover Sprayers. Several sizes are available for any range of lawn treatment activity - from the Gardener Walkover Sprayer for the home gardener to the Fieldmaster Tow Sprayer which can be used with ride-on mowers and tractors.

Our sprayers are built to last and will help you care for your lawn year after year after year. Of course, every machine needs a little maintenance now and then, so in addition to our sprayers we also stock all the spare parts you'll need to keep your Walkover Sprayer in tip-top condition.

Our online product range has also expanded to include garden treatments, many of which we produce ourselves under the Walkover Sprayers brand, and this year we have introduced a linemarker sprayer for sportsgrounds using the same kinetic principle as our sprayers.

Our Timeline

May 2013: Walkover Sprayers launch their new and improved website, selling online to loyal customers throughout the UK. 

May 2011: Walkover Sprayers announce they are looking to expand their network of UK distributors.

December 2010: Walkover Sprayers move to their current premises in Crofty Industrial Estate.

April 2010: Aztec adopts the Walkover Sprayers company name and rebrands to further build on the brand recognition being developed globally.

January 2010: Aztec moves to a new home in Ammanford, South Wales, doubling the manufacturing and warehousing space available.

November 2009: Two further new Walkover Sprayers are announced, bringing the number of options available up to six.

July 2009: The new Fieldmaster Walkover Sprayer with a 110L tank is announced.

2007-2009: Aztec Global Sprayers Ltd grow the Walkover Sprayers brand, exhibiting at trade and garden fairs throughout the UK and establishing agreements with overseas distributors.

August 2007: Acquisition of Walkover Sprayers by Aztec Global Sprayers Ltd. Aztec, based in Swansea, marketed the original range of four Walkover Sprayers and offered a full spares catalogue and customer support service.